Sunday, March 27, 2011

woman vs. wild.

Sometimes, for no reason at all, we just like to spice things up with a camping trip. When it's summer time in March and your husband is dying to get outdoors, you take your free weekends and run. And that is exactly what I was told we would be doing last weekend. On Wednesday. But it turns out that my husband didn't just plan any old camping trip. He planned a Cari Camping Trip!

What does a Cari Camping Trip include? Well, a trip to a state park in Destin, Florida, which is about an hour away. We also planned on going to the nice mall in Destin, which has a Sephora and Forever 21. Yes, Cari Camping includes malls. We packed food and adult beverages, (another staple of Cari Camping) and headed out.

R hit with me some news on the way out. He wanted to stop at Florida's highest point along the way. What?! Wasn't that going to require a hike and sweating? I only brought flats and I didn't want to mess up my makeup! Well, that sneaky husband of mine knew that Florida's highest point is simply a parking lot with this marker in it. Because hiking would've put a serious cramp in my style. Besides, I'd be doing plenty of hiking later, at the mall...

Just when I thought I couldn't get any happier cause I'd dodged having to hike, we drove past a little winery and R suggested we check it out! A winery! I didn't even know there were any wineries in Florida and here we were going to one on our camping trip! He told me I deserved after that grueling hike up to Florida's highest point. This trip was getting better and better.

We finally got to our campsite and settled in. We brought pretty much every blanket and comforter from home to stick in the tent and even brought pillows. We had an iPod dock for music, lots of firewood, and ice cold beer. R made a yummy dinner and we had s'mores. There was even a bathroom with showers just down the road from our site! Sacagewea was a happy camper.

The next morning, we took our french press coffee, (no instant crystals for this outdoors girl) over to the beach for a little early morning walk. I mean, we had to spend at least some time in the actual outdoors.

The weather was gorgeous, so after we packed up, we drove over to a beautiful little town called Seaside. It's a master-planned beach community that is so lovely and quaint. It's also where most of The Truman Show was filmed, so that was interesting. Just look at their population.

It was a such a good weekend. I know it was a real sacrifice for R, whose idea of camping includes dehydrated food, and going to the bathroom in the woods, and doing the kinds of activities that would make Bear Grylls proud, but it was a nice treat for me! The bad news is I might be permanently spoiled for real camping...

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  1. Ah yes you have learned the fine art of Klapper Camping: We go to a (wait for it) Ramada Inn!
    That's right we are roughing it when we can't get room service and wi-fi. Gramma is in her 70's. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Aunty Fran