Thursday, February 24, 2011

leave the gun, take the cookies.

Last night R and I made cookies. Not just any cookies. His dad's famous Italian cookies.

If you've ever had these little cookies, then you already know what I'm talking about. Dad B. is famous for these. He makes them for almost every family gathering and the recipe is top secret...unless you are his son. It's a little like the mob.

Well, we had a craving for a little taste of home. So for the first time, we tried our hand at the age old recipe.

Okay, so R and I didn't really make cookies. HE made cookies and I took pictures and watched American Idol. But mostly, judging by how many pictures I took, I watched American Idol.

The white ones, (everyone's favorites) are called biscotti and they're vanilla flavored. The chocolate ones are called tutu and they are, obviously, chocolate with walnuts. Dad B. also makes another kind called cimino, a vanilla flavor with no icing, rolled in sesame seeds. Ours turned out so close to Dad's, it was like home in a cookie!

Yes, these were my breakfast this morning. Me and my tummy are so happy to have married into this Italian family.

Even if they do protect their recipes like the mob.

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