Thursday, January 6, 2011

this might make you mad.

This is a picture of me. I am sitting in our backyard. This picture was taken right now. I am writing this post while I sit at this table in our backyard right now. IT'S JANUARY! And I'm just sittin' here in the sun, with no coat or gloves or boots! I'm even getting a little warm! In January! Oh, and get this...

This is a beautiful flower blooming in our front yard. RIGHT NOW! In January!

This has just been a reminder that the charm of living in Florida in the winter has not worn off on this Wisconsin girl. If you are reading this in the Milwaukee, the forecast says you have a chance of flurries this afternoon. Oh, and enjoy your low around 5 degrees tonight.

I need to get inside before I burn up out here.


  1. I'm going to enjoy my 5 degress tonight...while i sit at the alterra across the street from my house and drink chai and eat a chocolate croissant