Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thank you.

As many of you know already, R is no longer in the flight program. I just wanted to update where we're at. His re-designation package goes in this week and then gets reviewed by a board in early February. His package essentially has his top five choices of jobs he'd like to do in the Navy, but there really are no guarantees or any way of knowing what he might get. The board will look at where Officers are needed then decide based on his skills and accomplishments where they can best use him.

It's been such an interesting past few months. There's been a lot of emotional ups and downs. I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who has encouraged us or asked how R is doing. Our lives have taken a huge change in direction and every time someone asks how we're handling things or reminds us that everything happens for a reason, it has meant the world to us. We are learning a tremendous amount about ourselves and God's plan for us and everyone who has come up along side us in that has been such a blessing. We'll probably be finding out a few weeks after the board where we're headed, and of course, update everyone as soon as we know.

Thanks for letting me get serious for a minute.

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