Friday, January 7, 2011

a very merry christmas indeed.

It's been a week since we've been home and the laundry is all done, groceries are restocked, and the house is generally back in order. So, I thought I'd brag about how spoiled we were this Christmas and share some of the gifts we got. (I mean, I'll tell you about them, not really share them with you all... Sorry.) We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time home, spending time with family, meeting up with friends, and even a few opportunities to be alone and get coffee at the world's best coffee shop, Alterra.

We got a stove top espresso maker from Mom and Dad B. I've been making some pretty mean homemade macchiatos with this guy. The only problem is this; a Grande at Starbucks has two shots of espresso and I only get a Grande when I know I need to study or do some major cleaning. This espresso maker is for three shots and you can't make less. So, essentially I make myself super strong drink and then proceed to scrub the floorboards, organize my inbox by date and importance, fold and re-fold all my clothes, then call everyone who is free and talk a mile a minute. The house looks great though!
We have a confession. We're addicted to chocolate malts. R's dad, Dad B., knows this. Mostly because he instilled a love for chocolate malts in R at a very young age. So he gave us these old fashioned malt glasses, long soda fountain spoons, straws, and a really good malt mix. I have to admit, we've tried it already and it's awesome. Just the thing we need for our fixes.

My wonderful husband got me this wine vacuum so I can drink a little wine, then save it for later without it going bad. I really wanted one, because I'm very particular about my $8 bottles of wine being served at their best. I'm kind of a wine snob.

My awesome husband also got me this book, the sequel to 'Stuff White People Like'. (He was so good to me this Christmas!) If you've never heard of the books or the blog, go check them out. We discovered that R is much more white than I am. (Big surprise from someone who think an $8 bottle of wine is a splurge, right?)

I also got spoiled by Mom B. and Mom J.. Mom B. got me a little trial size of Origin's stuff, which she loves. If you've never tried Origins, go to the nearest mall and ask for a sample of Modern Friction, a gentle microdermabrasion scrub. Then go home and use it and flip out about how soft if makes your skin feel. Seriously. My mom, Mom J., got me a little concealer kit from Benefit. R couldn't figure out why I was so excited to get makeup that was all nude colored, but I suffer from a rare affliction of dark circles called "Crack Head Eyes", and it's very hard to find good concealers, so I was pumped about it. My mom and mother-in-law know how to pamper me!

In addition to treating ourselves almost every day to coffee from Alterra, our families gave us enough coffee to last us until our next visit. This is mostly a treat for R, because in addition to drinking $8 wine, I can't tell the difference between Fair Trade, Organic, Sustainable, Mexican Kulaktik from Alterra and Folgers Instant.

We also got some really cute ornaments, including a tiny cupcake pan with little Christmas cupcakes in it in honor of my new found baking skills. (Thanks Auntie Fran!) I would have photos, but thanks to the homemade macchiatos, the tree is down and the Christmas decorations are back in the attic.

We could have gotten nothing but new socks for Christmas and still had a great holiday, it just made it all the better that we got some awesome gifts! Thanks again everyone!

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