Tuesday, January 11, 2011

check it off the list.

Because I'm not working these days, I have a lot of free time. Every day, I make a list of things to do. Sometimes the list has the everyday housekeeping tasks, sometimes it's the spring cleaning type stuff, and sometimes it's watching Jersey Shore reruns all day in my sweats until a half an hour before R comes home, when I put on some real clothes, run a comb through my hair, and brush the Oreo crumbs off the couch. Okay, I don't really put that on my lists, but let's be honest, some days that's whats up.

Usually, I'm pretty good about sticking to my lists, but not lately. Lately, something has been distracting me from my effort to be productive and that thing is this blog. You may have heard of this woman, Ree Drummond, and her fabulous blog. If not, say goodbye to some free time. I am specifically addicted to the cooking section, where she always has these super easy, beautifully photographed, recipes. And they're delicious!

Since I want to be like Ree Drummond and have a fabulous blog that causes people to forget all about their to-do lists, (I'm still a very long way from that.) I'm going to try and blog more about my culinary adventures. I was doing a good job of that in the summer, but lately I haven't been as adventurous in the kitchen and when I have, we've been too hungry to stop and take pictures. Maybe blogging about new meals will make me more inclined to make new meals. And I think someone in my marriage will be a lot happier about new meals than he is about Oreo crumbs on the couch.

I mean, what's one more thing on the ole' to do list, right?

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