Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There's something you should know about us. We're kind of cheap.

Given the choice, we would almost always choose a barbecue joint with paper plates and plastic tablecloths over a fancy restaurant with exotic cuisine.

We sign up for Netflix trials and cancel before the month is up. We also did this with HBO. And I think some magazines.

Neither of us will ever spend more than $30 on clothing. The exception of course being heels. No reason to be cheap where shoes are concerned. (And no, that is not all of them...)

We still own a tube TV for goodness sake! I don't mean we own a tube TV and a flat screen, I mean we watch our trial HBO on the only TV in our house; a huge, 600 pound tube TV.

Yes, friends. We are cheap. And we're okay with it. And we solidified our cheapness tonight with the ultimate cheap date; a R and Cari favorite...

We went to Barnes and Noble and read books. We didn't buy any, we didn't even buy any coffee. We just browsed around and each collected a stack of books and magazines and plopped down and read them. And every once in a while, one of us would come across something interesting or funny and show it to the other. And we didn't even pretend like we wanted to buy anything!

And you know what? It made me really happy. Because I totally married someone as cheap and content with it as me.


  1. thaz ma babee!!!

  2. You taught me everything I know about being cheap!