Friday, November 19, 2010

who you callin' fat?

There's been lots of excitement around here, which makes it hard to blog. But we'll fill you in in the next couple of posts. Here's the latest: On Thursday, R had the opportunity to fly with Fat Albert, the Blue Angels C-130 cargo plane that flies before all of their shows. The Blues were flying their Homecoming show, the last show of the season, at NAS Pensacola. Personally, between meeting Neil Armstrong and flying in Fat Albert, I'm not sure how R manages to get so lucky with these awesome opportunities. How come I never get to do such cool things? (Once I was interviewed for the local news when I was in 4th grade because all our food for a food drive at school went missing, and that was pretty cool. Being on the news that is, not the missing food. It turns out they delivered it to the wrong food bank, and it was just a misunderstanding, so I guess it wasn't even that cool.) Anyways, here's some pictures!

R and Bert.

During the high performance takeoff, they do a maneuver that makes you feel weightless for almost 10 seconds. R was buckled in and got some air in his seat, but the crew just hold on tight and go completely upside down. Not a bad day at work.

R with the pilots and some crew. Fat Albert is operated by an all Marine crew. You can hear how proud they are over the radio at takeoff when the pilot shouts a loud, "OORAH!"

One of my pictures of the Blues right before takeoff. The pilots and crew have a very cool synchronized pre-flight routine before the jets takeoff.

All in all, a great day in R's book.

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