Friday, October 29, 2010

there's no place like home.

Alright, I am officially the worst vacation blogger. It's just so hard! There's so much to do and see and every time I get close to sitting down and sharing some of my adventures, someone suggests a great place to eat and then I just get totally distracted. Blogging is not for the easily distracted.

Anyway, I left you all on the road in Missoula, Montana. I've made it quite a ways since then. We made it through Wyoming and some very beautiful landscapes, took a break in South Dakota to take in Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug.

Nothing says welcome to South Dakota like a couple of cowgirls. The locals could tell by our excitement over hats that we weren't from around those parts.

Then we pretty much booked it through Minnesota and northern Wisconsin to our final destination; Milwaukee! I had such a great time in Milwaukee. I mostly just ate all the bad-for-you foods that Wisconsin does so well, visited friends, and cheered on the Packers when they beat Brett Favre. All in all, a pretty decent Milwaukee trip. And now I'm back in the South, which actually has gotten just a bit cooler, who knew? It was so good to see R after such a long time away.

Speaking of R, as of Wednesday, he completed ground school. If all goes according to schedule, he'll start flying on Monday! He is in Training Squadron Two, the Doerbirds.

The squadron motto is, "Quality with Class". I'm not sure I could have summed up my husband in a better way. What's cool is VT-2 is the Navy's oldest primary training squadron. So R is joining the ranks of over 50 years of 'Doerbirds' who have gone on to be amazing pilots. (Can you tell I'm a proud Navy wife?) Yesterday, the squadron had a little tour for the spouses and kids so we could see what our husbands will be up to. I got to get into the T-34, which is the airplane that R is going to be spending pretty much the next six months in.

That guy didn't think I was so funny when I told him to be careful or I might run him over once I figured out how all the buttons and switches worked. Jeez, these baby pilots have no sense of humor.

So that's it for the whirlwind tour of the U.S. and now I'm back home, searching for a job and helping R study. We will definitely keep you all updated on his progress through primary. As for our big weekend plans, we have a fabulous nephew who is turning 5 tomorrow and needs our help celebrating! Hope your weekend is as fun as ours!

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