Sunday, October 3, 2010

sunny san jose.

Today we are saying goodbye to San Jose. It's been lots of fun, though! We've spent lots of time talking and catching up, and seeing some new things. On Friday, we went to a few wineries and tasting rooms to enjoy some of the fantastic wines this region has. I think between Northern California and Washington State, there is no shortage of delicious wine to drink on this trip!

This was our first stop, Savannah Chanelle Vineyards. The guy doing our tasting was a Wisconsin native so we enjoyed talking to him and he even hooked us up with some off the menu wines.

Here we are at Cinnabar Winery, our second stop. This guy helping us was so unpretentious, he made the tasting a lot of fun. We were all cracking up at his college drink recipes, like Mimosas made from cheap champagne and Tang. But the wine really was good!

Here's me, Mom, and Melissa at the last stop of the big winery tour, Big Basin Winery. At this place, the winemaker even stopped in and talked to us for a little while, which was cool. I even bought my first Rose!

After the wine tastings, we walked over to a cute little Mexican place called Casa de Cobre where we had some of the best margaritas and carne asada taquitos I've ever had. This is me, Grandma and Melissa. It was a great girls day!

On Saturday, we took advantage of the rare occasion where all of us ladies from all over the U.S. were together in one place and went and got photos taken. We had a great time laughing and goofing around, I'm amazed our photographer got any normal shots at all.

Here's all of us; Grandma, and then two generations of daughters. I think this is such a great shot of some of my favorite women in the whole world.

This is one of my favorites of me, Mom, and Melissa.

After pictures, we headed off to get a little pampered with massages. Now, I've gotten massages before, so I was expecting a quiet room all alone and a gentle rubdown. Well, I have to admit it was a little different. We went to a Chinese massage place called Happy Feet. We each got 40 minutes on our backs and 20 on our feet. Well let me tell you, my feet sure were happy. I don't think I've ever had someone give me a 20 minute foot rub. The focus is reflexology, so they massaged around pressure points and took lots of time on my legs. I was totally in heaven. Then I moved over to a table and my masseuse started in on my back. I'll just say this... they use their elbows to massage. And they pound on you. They certainly did give a great massage, but I was definitely feeling it in the morning.

Yesterday we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We enjoyed some carnival rides, some arcade games, and lots of fried food. It was a beautiful.

Here's me and Melissa getting ready to go on the Fire Bolt. Melissa is really scared of heights, so I enjoyed seeing her squirm. We liked it so much we went twice.

Today is our last day in San Jose and we're getting ready to go to the Winchester Mystery House and In-N-Out for lunch. Then tonight we're staying in Seattle and seeing the sights tomorrow. More to come!

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