Thursday, October 14, 2010

on the road.

Yesterday we said goodbye to La Conner. I know I haven't been the best blogger. Blogging on vacation is hard! But I'm trying. La Conner was very relaxing. We mostly spent the time snuggled up under blankets (at least I did. I'm not used to any weather below 90!) watching our favorite shows and eating yummy foods. La Conner has perfect fall weather and I missed the crisp, bright days after being in sunny Florida for most of the year.

After leaving San Jose, we flew into Seattle. We spent the night there and walked around the market the next day. It was a beautiful, clear Seattle day and the market was bustling. An of course, we had some Starbucks from the first Starbucks store.

Once we got back to La Conner, Melissa took us to one of her favorite places, Deception Pass.

Here's the view from the bridge. You can see snow-capped Mount Baker in the background. It was nice to revisit the Pass because R and I came here on our honeymoon last year. So beautiful and so many great memories.

Mom and Melissa are a little scared of heights. They didn't come out too far on the bridge and every time a truck drove past, the whole bridge would shake. They also didn't like it too much when I pretend to fall over the edge. I just had to.

One night we went to the Taste of La Conner. We went to five different restaurants and tried a little appetizer and glass of wine from each one.

My favorite stop had smoked trout and white corn salsa on a tortilla, a mini apple turnover, and a glass of Riesling. All the places we delicious, and our last stop was dessert. We had a chocolate mousse cake and the most amazing coffee port wine. So yummy!

Unfortunately, I suffered a nasty stomach bug after that yummy night, so I was pretty much laid low for the rest of the trip. Everyone else got to eat fresh caught crabs and homemade mushroom risotto, lots of local wine, and even some unbelievable goodies from a local bakery. I was on a pretty steady diet of saltines and Gatorade. Not fun at all. But I'm recovering and we're on the road! We left yesterday and spent the night in Missoula, Montana. We're going to keep trucking on and hopefully I'll have some pictures of life on the road for the next update.

In other important news, R hasn't been too bored back in Florida. This week he started Primary! This is the second phase of flight school where they get into the trainer aircraft and begin flying. He's got two weeks of ground school then, for about the next six months , he'll be going up in the trainers. The next six months will be a long, very tough road ahead of him, so any encouragement is more than welcome! There will definitely be lots more updates as his flight career continues to unfold.

For now though, I'm packing up and getting back in the car! Wonder where I'll be writing from next?

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  1. I hope you're feeling better! Josh drives over Deception Pass everyday on his way to work ... I love it. It's so gorgeous up there!