Tuesday, September 14, 2010

under the sea.

There are a couple awesome things about living in a place where people come for vacation. It's warm in the winter, the sun is almost always shining, and you get to take advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches around. And yesterday, R and I did just that. He has a friend who dives and borrowed us some of his gear and we headed down to the beach to go snorkeling! He even let us borrow his underwater camera, so we could share our adventure with you all!

We went to Fort Pickens, which is at the end of this beautiful stretch of beach. One side faces the bay and the other side faces the Gulf and at the end there's a cool Fort that protected the bay that dates back before the Civil War.

This was the first spot we went to. The waves were a little strong so I stayed out while R got some pictures. The bay side of the beach faces NAS Pensacola on the other side of the bay, and every time a plane took off from the base, R would pop out of the water and watch it. I guess airplanes trump fish.

Here's some of the shots R got. It's cool because they just swim right up to you, they're aren't scared at all. I think I was more scared of them.

Ugh, these jerks. Here's the story with these jellyfish; we actually went snorkeling last week, but only stayed in the water for about 20 minutes because there were a bunch of little jellies around. There are lots of types of jellyfish, but being from Wisconsin, we just get a little freaked out by all of them. There's little ones that are about the size of a key that are colorless and have no tentacles, (they look like snot balls floating in the water) and they don't sting. Then, we saw some slightly bigger ones, the bell part was about the size of a fist and they had longer tentacles....they do sting. They float all around and you can't really see them coming, so we just decided to call it quits for the day. When we went yesterday, we didn't see any of the little ones, but of course, right when we found the perfect spot with tons of fish and crabs, there were a couple of these big ones. They are called moon jellies and they're as big as a Frisbee. After doing some research it turns out their stings aren't too bad, but we weren't taking any chances. R got this picture and we just stayed above water.

Finally we found a good spot with no waves and no jellies. There were a bunch of little fish and hermit crabs and if you stayed still they came right up to your face. The camera battery was running out, but we managed to get a good shot of the two of us. It was a really cool adventure and definitely something we'll do again soon.

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