Wednesday, September 29, 2010

road trip!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to make an announcement. I am packing up the blog and taking it on location! That's right, I am getting ready to embark on an adventure and the blog is coming with.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am leaving on a jet plane headed to sunny San Jose, CA to meet up with my Mom, my sister, Grandma, and my Aunt for the weekend. We're going to spend some wonderful quality time with them. But it doesn't stop there. Instead of coming back home, we're saying goodbye to Grandma and my Aunt, then my sister, Melissa, is taking me and Mom up to La Conner, WA where we are going to see the sights, relax, and probably drink some wine. But wait! There's more! The real reason we're going on this adventure is to help my sister pack up some stuff and move back to Milwaukee where she and her husband are settling once he's out of the Navy. So, we're going to drive from La Conner to Milwaukee, a mere 2,053 miles. The adventure ends with a few more days in Milwaukee to see friends and then I'm headed back to Pensacola.

All together, I'll be on location for about three weeks. Don't worry about R, though. He'll have have enough SportsCenter and long bike rides to keep him busy. And let's just be honest, you and I both know after spending everyday with a certain talkative girl, he's probably ready for a quiet house and the remote all to himself.

I'll be blogging all about my adventures along the way so stay tuned. As for my first achievement, in order to travel quickly and cheaply, I managed to fit three weeks worth of clothes, shoes, and beauty products into just a carry on! This either means I'm the world's greatest packer or I'm going to be a hot mess for three weeks.

See you in San Jose!


  1. How long will you be in La Conner? We should meet up for some sight-seeing or wine drinking!

  2. You fit 3 weeks of clothes in one carry one? I don't think even know who you are anymore.