Monday, September 6, 2010

beer, guns, and rock n' roll.

This weekend we drove to Mississippi to spend the last weekend of summer with Brad, Valerie, and Noah. We had such a relaxing and fun time. On Saturday morning, after Noah woke us up by snuggling us and then immediately asking if we wanted to play with his Batman toys, R and I headed to Kiln, MS for a brewery tour. Kiln is the home of the Lazy Magnolia Brewery, the only brewery in the whole state, which is kind of cool. They make only a few beers, including a Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale, which R has tried and says is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, they didn't offer samples. It was a really laid back, cool brewery and the brewmaster, Leslie, is one of only a few female brewmasters in the country. (Is she a brewmistress?)

Kiln is also the hometown of Brett Favre. Some of you may remember he played for the Packers a while back? They are pretty proud of their boy in Kiln. His high school named the football field after him and they even have a huge life size bronze statue in his honor.

It should be noted that he is wearing his Green Bay uniform in his bronze replica and all over this mural, people have written things like, "Once a Packer, Always a Packer!" He'll always go down in history as a Packer. Personally, I choose to remember him by his stellar acting in Wrangler ads, but that's just me...

Later that evening, we went with Brad and Val to a cookout with some of their friends. They had a huge backyard which the boys took advantage of and had some much needed man-time.

Brad and R showed Noah how to shoot a .22 at a target. He was being so careful and concentrated as Brad showed him how to lift the safety, aim, and pull the trigger. It was so sweet to see them sitting together in this field, the older men showing the little man some tricks of the trade. All of the other couples had kids and we had such a good time talking and laughing around the bonfire, listening to their parenting stories and adventures.

The rest of the weekend we spent cooking out and sleeping in. After they put Noah to bed on Sunday night, us adults got wild and busted out the Rock Band. I must say, Brad, Val, R, and I make a pretty mean little band. We even unlocked a new level and I got to belt it out on vocals to Heart's "Barracuda". (A song that really makes me appreciate the fact that I don't have to sing for my dinner, otherwise I'd be very hungry.) After Valerie and I had worked our fingers to the bone on guitar and sang ourselves hoarse on vocals, R and Brad stayed up another couple hours to rock out some more. Hey, when you're in the zone, you're in the zone...

It was such a laid back and relaxing time, we didn't want to leave. But, we had to get back home so that we could be here for the delivery of the newest addition to our family! Intrigued? Ah you'll just have to stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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