Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend warriors.

Sweet weekends. Even when you're unemployed, weekends are just better than weekdays. But when you've spent all week learning survival techniques in API, weekends are even sweeter. After a full week of such exciting activities as the "spin and puke" to teach you spatial disorientation, the altitude chamber to help you learn about hypoxia, and the helo dunker to make sure you know how to get out of a downed aircraft, R's brain was spun, deprived of oxygen, then literally dunked upside down into a sinking helicopter. So if any one deserved a sweet weekend, it was him.

So the weekend began with a mini Purdue reunion. Some of his friends who are a little farther along in the pipeline were in town. Lucky for R, it was an entire night of pure, unadulterated airplane talk.

Saturday we enjoyed a day of lounging around and catching up on some TV. I managed a kitchen victory with a delicious salmon dish. We got the fish fresh from the local fish market and I made a stellar lime butter sauce and whipped new potatoes. It tasted fantastic and it was ridiculously easy, so it'll definitely be a repeat.

Then we went out with some new friends last night and saw Inception and talked about it until we fell asleep... where I had some weird dreams, let me tell you.

Today, after church we hit the road for Mobile, Alabama to see the WWII battleship USS Alabama. After stopping for a some tasty barbecue and homemade banana puddin', we were on our way. Now, if you're reading this chances are you know me and you know just how much I love military museums. I just can't seem to pass 'em up! All the dusty old weapons and long drawn out descriptions. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. And this was no exception. But let me tell you, if you think I love a good submarine or aviation museum normally, just imagine how excited I was when we got to the USS Alabama and most of it wasn't air conditioned and today's heat index was 106... So fun!

In all seriousness, besides my heat stroke, I really enjoyed it and of course it made R's week. Here's some highlights. And if you want to really feel like you were there with us, put on all the clothes you own and then go turn on the shower nice and hot, and just read this in the steamy bathroom. So life like!

USS Alabama looking quite gray and majestic.

Me, gunning down enemy ships. I may or may not have been making gun sounds.

So, this was actually kind of cool. This is the battery room where they store and then load up these huge 2700 lb projectiles to be shot out of those long guns that you can see from the outside. It's cool because no battleship has ever opened up their gun rooms before because of access difficulties. The Alabama opened it up and now we get to experience what previously only a Navy gun crew had ever experienced.

Can't hide my excitement...

Captain R, steering the ship. (Even he knew it was time to start evacuating that floating hot house.)

And finally...
We found this poor Shipmate in the photo lab on the ship. The worst part is that his bunk was over his head, so you know he had to climb to get up there. Now that's honor, courage, and commitment.

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