Monday, August 9, 2010

jeep jealousy.

On Friday evening, with nothing much to do, R and I decided to have a cheap date and go test drive new cars that we can't afford. I've been keeping my eye on a new Jeep and R's going to upgrade to a big 'ole Tahoe. Not that we are actually shopping, we just wanted to smell that new car smell and see the odometer read less than 100 (thousand). So, we had a little dinner then headed to the dealer. After deciding on the color, we took the new Liberty for a drive around the block. As soon as the dealer handed us the keys, I forgot all about my little Mazda Protege for a few sweet miles.

Well friends, my little Mazda did not take lightly to being forgotten. She has been giving me some trouble lately, but after the fantasy car shopping, she pulled out all the stops. While driving to a friend's house last night, Miss Mazda was making an awful squealing noise, then a snapping sort of noise, then silence. Apparently, she'd had it with being compared to shiny new Jeeps and her alternator belt snapped. We made to our friends house (thank God) and popped her hood, only to find that this was all that remained of the belt:

We let her stay over night at our friend's as she clearly needed a little time to cool off and regroup. This morning, we took her to the mechanic and she's staying the night. Hopefully tomorrow, she'll be in a better mood, but something tells me that my wandering eye has left a permanent rift in our relationship.

We never meant to hurt her.

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