Tuesday, August 31, 2010

two weddings and a fair.

Well, here we are at the end of summer. We couldn't have closed out the summer in a better way than a trip to Milwaukee. It was a great time and we really didn't want it to end. We got in on a Thursday night and didn't waste any time on Friday morning getting to the State Fair. It did not disappoint.

R enjoying corn dipped in melted butter. This was after pork sandwiches but before fried chicken. Somehow our stomachs are made of iron at the Fair.

We found the classy side of the Fair with our friends Megan and Matt. In between the fried cheese curds and food on a stick there was a nice little wine tasting area to taste some Wisconsin wines. Right behind the camera though, there was a middle aged woman in a leopard print bikini top and a cowboy hat. She helped remind us that you can try and class up the Fair all you want, Wisconsin, but it's still the Fair.

Cream puffs and beer, a Wisconsin breakfast of champions! The sad part of the day was that it rained a lot, so we were unable to ride the giant slide, which is a Fair tradition that shouldn't be missed. We did however meet up with my parents and we found a funky little 80's cover band to dance to all night. I think we may have started a new tradition.

On Sunday, I stood up as Matron of Honor in my best friend Erin's wedding. It was so beautiful and so emotional to watch my dearest friend marry such a great guy.

Her wedding was at the Wisconsin War Memorial which has a huge deck that overlooks the lake. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for a wedding.

She was a really glamorous bride! The wedding and reception were beautiful. Her dad even surprised her at the reception with a group of Irish dancers to perform, as a nod to Erin's years spent as an Irish dancer. It was such a personal touch and an unexpected surprise!

We had the whole following week to relax and see friends, eat and drink with family, and enjoy Kopps, (a Milwaukee frozen custard institution) not once, but three times! We even took an afternoon by ourselves to re-visit the Miller Brewery Tour. Yes I said re-visit. You see we've gone once before, but never on a weekday when the production lines are running. So we had to go back. And you get free samples at the end, so can you blame us?

Then on Saturday, we went to R's cousin Sara's wedding which was beautiful. Their reception was in the building that houses Discovery World, and the cocktail hour was in the aquarium.

There was even a tunnel you walked through where the fish swam above you and below you. It had to be one of the coolest, most unique places in Milwaukee to have a wedding.

We made sure to take advantage of the beautiful view to get a picture with our favorite city's skyline. It was so cool to go to two weddings at such beautiful places right on Lake Michigan.

Finally, on Monday morning it was time to say goodbye and head back home to Pensacola. But before we left, R's mom reminded us that we still had the top of our wedding cake saved for our one year anniversary.

So, for breakfast we enjoyed a good luck slice of our wedding cake! It wasn't half bad after a year and a month.

We had one of the best visits and it was a fantastic way to say farewell to a good summer!

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  1. Your silver dress looks as good as it did in April :) and I love the blue dress too!