Wednesday, August 4, 2010

api? check.

After six mentally grueling and physically taxing weeks, countless hours spent holed up in his office to memorize loads of information for exams that are meant to trip you up, only to dump all the information for the next exam, and way too much time spent not hanging out with his wife, Ryan is finally done with API! Today they had a graduation ceremony and he even got a certificate of completion, so it's official!

Even though the long road of flight school is far from over, API is a huge hurdle and, with the Navy's high attrition rate and crazy high standards right now, it's definitely a worthwhile accomplishment to get over it. Tonight, we're going to pop a little champagne to celebrate. The real prize for Ryan, though, is the long break he gets before starting up primary. He's been putting off all the fun stuff he couldn't do because he had to study, so now he can get started chipping away at the growing list. And we're not talking mowing the lawn and fixing the car, here. I mean the important things like catching up on all the shows he's been recording, dusting off his bike for some long rides, and catching up on some much deserved sleep.

Tough life for a pilot.


  1. Congrats Ryan! When do you have to start primary?

  2. I check into the wing at Whiting on October 14. Then there may or may not be a little wait there too.

  3. Well, I'm not sure what you're doing from now until Oct. 14, but I do know someone in Washington who has a fabulous guest room and would love to see you and your wife.

  4. Oh, and also, in case you didn't know ... Cascadian Farms is in Skagit County. Which is the county north of the county I live in. We could go for a tour.