Sunday, July 18, 2010

whiz wheelin'.

We had a spontaneous visit from Brad this weekend. Valerie and Noah are visiting her family in Virginia, so it was just him and Billy. We always welcome visits from our loved ones (hint hint) and we enjoyed relaxing, hanging out, and sleeping in. However, future aviators do not have the luxury of relaxing for an entire weekend, especially not with a navigation exam looming in the days ahead. So, in an effort to practice and study, R thought it would benefit him to teach Brad and I some navigation calculations such as finding your true air speed and drift angle and headwind using a tool called a Whiz Wheel. Well, it took me about 6 minutes before I lost interest, but Brad actually understood it right away and before long, he was figuring out the calculations like a pro.

The guys sat there figuring out wind speeds and angles for hours. Obviously, Brad was impressed with himself for being able to pick up a pretty tough concept in such a short time and R was impressed with himself for knowing the information well enough to teach it effectively.

Billy and I weren't so impressed seeing as it was past 1am and navigation goes way over our heads...

We can't all be Whiz's.


  1. Billy is forsure my dog...laying around while Brad gets into something :)

  2. Your house/apartment/condo looks super cute (or very manly if Ryan is reading this)! I wish we had walls that were painted a color other than white ...