Monday, July 26, 2010

i'll pass on the twigs and wild berries.

For the next week and half, R is sort of in the "fun" part of API. He's done with the academic portion and now he's learning CPR, land survival, and going through the altitude chamber and the dunker. Well, today he took a break from learning which plants to eat if he's stranded in the desert to eat lunch with me at the Naval Aviation Museum (his home away from home).

There's a restaurant in the museum called the Cubi Bar Cafe. It's a replicate of a famous Officers Club on a base in the Philippines that was the place for aviators in Vietnam and on. The tradition for squadrons who were passing through on their WestPac tour was to hang up their squadron plaque in the bar. When the base closed down in the early nineties, the hundreds of plaques were donated to the museum and hung exactly as they were in the original bar. It's a nice place to eat as well as a cool exhibit in the museum.

A shot of the bar.

The menu featured such clever names as "Mach 1", "T4 Trainer Dog", and the "Flight Deck Sandwich". Delicious and exciting!

R checking out some of the call signs on the plaques. There were some real gems.

Back to class after a little lunch and inspiration.

Bet he's wishing there were T4 Trainer Dogs in the desert.

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