Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a first time for everything.

On this quiet Tuesday evening, after a long day that involved a tough weather exam and looking forward to a night filled with more studying for tomorrow's aero exam, all R wanted was a delicious burger. But when would he find the time to make one with all the studying he had to do? Firing up the grill, getting everything ready, then grilling the burgers to juicy perfection takes time! That's when I stepped in and lovingly said, "Honey, I've never once grilled a thing in my life, but I'll do it for you! Now hand me that charcoal!" Hey, I'm just trying to be a wonderful, supportive wife.

Okay, not exactly... Actually, he asked me to make the burgers and I whined a little before agreeing. (Somebody has to watch E! True Hollywood Stories!) But the point is, I agreed to grill burgers and I'd never done that before! (Grilled burgers, that is. I have in fact agreed to do things for R before.) I even got the coals ready and everything! Turns out it's really not blog worthy as it's pretty simple and straightforward, but that's still not the point!

Watch out, Bobby Flay.

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