Saturday, July 24, 2010

first annual anniversary.

Two years ago today, R was craving a Dreamsicle smoothie. When the place he wanted to try was "unexpectedly" closed, he suggested we just go to Alterra on the Lake. As we sat and sipped our smoothies, nothing seemed at all out of the ordinary. R calmly chatted and waited for me to notice something rather important written on the drink sleeve of my smoothie. When I finally did, he asked me to be his wife.

One year ago today, after lots of planning and a little stressing out, I put on a white dress and R met me at the end of the aisle and in front of our family and friends, we promised to love each other until our days run out. We had a big party, danced to some Beyonce, and just like that we were married.

And here we are, three states, two apartments, and 1000 miles later and we made it to the one year mark. We got lots of great advice last year; don't go to bed angry, always say I love you... But there was a lot we weren't prepared for; like without air conditioning, I make it hard to love me. And R doesn't like sharing his toothpaste. Or blankets. Most importantly, no one really told us that it was going to be hard to be so far away from family and friends, or how tough flight school was going to be, or how strange it would be to move to a different city, or just how bad the job market was going to be. So we've had to figure some things out on our own. We've learned how to support each other better, and how to laugh when things get a little too serious, how to encourage one another when things get tough, and mostly, that we're in this adventure together.

Not bad for the first year.

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