Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we got the blues.

Naval Air Station Pensacola, aka where R works, is home to more than just baby pilots. It's also home to the Blue Angels. Not a bad coincidence if you're like some people in my marriage and you get goosebumps when you hear the sound of those jets. Well, when we used to live in Milwaukee, we would have to settle with only being able to see the Blues once a year, (or...once in a Blue moon! I'll be here all week, folks!). But not any more. During the spring and summer, the Blues do two practice shows a week at the Museum of Naval Aviation on base. We've gone to a couple and this last time we made sure to bring the camera.
This time was really cool because R and I were standing next to a retired pilot who works as a museum guide. As we're watching the jets, we noticed that he had his walkie talkie set to the same frequency as the Blue's radio. So, he handed his walkie talkie to R and let him listen in on the lead pilot giving commands in air and the solo pilots talking back and forth. It was definitely a cool new perspective that we'd never enjoyed before.
To me, the coolest part of the show is the end, when the pilots land. As they make their way down the tarmac, volunteers hand out flags to all the kids and the kids bring the Blues home in style. It's so great to hear the kids turn and yell back to their parents, "Dad! He waved at me!!"
I told R I'd be sure to tell him what all the cute kids say when he's the one waving from the cockpit.

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