Sunday, May 30, 2010

worth a thousand words.

Right before we left for Florida, we got a wonderful little gift. Mom and Dad B. bestowed upon us a camera. After some trial and error, the camera, a Canon G11, proved to be a technological defeat for them. Cameras aren't supposed to make you feel like you need a graduate degree to take pictures, so in the interest of simplicity, they traded us our digital point and shoot for the "big camera", as we've come to call it.

Well, friends, there is no piece of technology that will ever live to tell of its victory against R, so, almost as soon as it was in his hands, he was mastering it. We've found, (and by we, I most certainly mean R. I have no patience with electronic devises) that it has quite the array of features and capabilities that can make even the most inexperienced photographers (us) feel like Ansel Adams.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few of the pictures we've taken with our new toy. Feel free to click on the pictures to see a larger image.

On the Purdue Campus.

At a Cubs game. A cool feature that lets you pick just one color, then everything else is black and white.

View from the Sears Tower. Same effect as above.

R driving on the way to FL, with me following behind.

By far one of the coolest. This is Brad and Val in our backyard. R did this by setting the camera on a prolonged exposure then using a sparkler to make the heart. We had lots of fun trying to get this just right.

We love our new toy and we're always trying to get better and better pictures and learn more about it's cool features. It's definitely one of our favorite presents and it's making documenting (and blogging) about our adventures that much more fun.

And just for the record, I mastered an electronic device long enough to customize the blog a little. Take that, technology. Now, if only R could explain how the DVR works...

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