Saturday, May 8, 2010

home sweet home.

Well, we are finally home! Pensacola welcomed us with what we thought had to be record high temperatures, but what we were assured by some locals as "real nice spring weather." We also had to wait for all our belongings and our water, but we survived and we couldn't be happier.
Yesterday, I exhausted myself by watching the movers while R checked in on base. While he waits to find out when he'll start school, he'll have the tough work of mustering every morning for an hour then coming back home. It's a rough job serving our country, but someone has to do it.

Other than that, we're just settling in to our house and enjoying all the wonderful little things about living in the South. Like getting sweaty when you walk out to your car. Before noon. Or deciding whether or not we want to join the or later. Or slipping and saying "y'all". I suppose it's all worth it when we hear a jet fly by and R stops what he's doing and stares at the sky with the glazed over, dreamy look of a kid in a candy shop.

So until next time, y'all...

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