Monday, May 24, 2010


My brother Brad and sister in law Valerie and my favorite nephew Noah came to visit this past weekend, so after two weeks of living in Pensacola, it was finally time to make our house presentable to guests. It was nice to have a reason to unpack, since up until then we were still living among our boxes. (We just sort of made a path around them or used them as chairs...) But throwing out that last box felt great and we finally feel like this is our home. So, without further ado, here are the pictures of our little home! We know these will come in handy for our Northern loved ones who have probably vowed not to come visit until the weather comes back down from the hundreds...

The view when you walk in.

Looking the other way. My little office area by the front window. My wonderful husband got me those flowers on the dining room table.

The kitchen. This is where I am channeling Paula Deen in my efforts to master the art of Southern cooking. Well, at least the desserts part.

The guest room/R's office.

Guest bathroom.

Master bedroom.

Master bath. The most exciting part of our little home is the shower in the master bath. It's newly remodeled in all stone with dual shower heads! Very luxurious and spa-like.

Our backyard oasis, complete with R's brand new grill!

And finally... of our neighbors. We see these geckos and anoles all over the place. In fact, as I write this at my desk, I am being watched by a little guy in the top window while he chomps on bugs. It's like the Discovery Channel right outside our house. Do you hear that fellas? Outside our house...

So that's our house! We are really happy here and excited to finally be home. However, pictures don't show the very best part... air conditioning.

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  1. Place looks great!

    And, I couldn't help but notice how perfect that backyard is for a dog ... I'm just sayin'